Specialised Services

3D Structural Scanning

Full LOTO (Lock Out Tag Out) may not be possible due to the operational requirements of a specific plant or structure, however, urgent inspections might still be required. 3D scanning allows us to visually inspect an area while the plant or structure is in operation.

Quality Control / NACE Inspections

Corrosion control is paramount to the longevity of any structure and extends the life span of these costly assets by utilizing NACE principles and best practice methods. Our qualified NACE coating inspectors work in conjunction with our qualified epoxy coating painting personnel, allowing us to provide a world class product that conforms to international standards. Products are tracked from source to end product as far as quality control and quality reporting is concerned.


Rescue Teams

All working-at-height activities are risk bound. While emergencies and accidents are planned for in mitigation, they do still occur. We have found that the need and use of a permanently based rope access rescue team conforms to the requirements of Health and Safety. Having access to this service on a permanent basis means that it can be availed of quickly in those unlikely instances where it is required.


Fall Arrest and Lifelines

Legislative and occupation health and safety regulations require that all personnel working at height must be attached or hooked onto an independently anchored lifeline. We specialize in the development and installation of custom designed lifeline systems, as well as the associated inspection and fit-for-use declaration.


Wind Turbine Repair

Electricity generation via wind harnessing is a growing industry, but it’s not exempt from the influence of the elements. These expensive assets require diligent upkeep. As part of our inspection and condition survey, we inspect and report on maintenance-related conditions associated with the blades, leading edges and general condition of all other components of the windmill. We also do repairs related to lightning damage and leading edge erosion.


Drone Inspections & Surveys

  • Live Flare Inspections
  • Tank Inspections
  • Hull Inspections
  • Crane Boom Inspections
  • Derrick Inspections


Crane Fitment Services (Stabiliser Bars)

During construction of high rise structures the need for heavy lift cranes is imperative for keeping the schedule and costs associated with the build. These cranes although self-rising requires stabiliser or anchoring bars depending on lift capability and working height. These cranes need to be connected to a structure that may have already been constructed but has no way of accessing the fitment area due to offset.


Safety & Work Net Systems

  • Dropped Object Mitigation
  • Temporary Work Platform Installation Allowing 3rdParty Access
  • Faster installation and dismantling time reduces costs: Tension netting cuts installation and dismantling time by about 75%
  • Lower transport & storage costs: Tension netting is approximately 5 – 10% of the weight and volume of scaffolding
  • Reductions in SIMOPS (Simultaneous Operations) conflict due to less deck area consumption
  • Fully compliant with all relevant regulations
  • Safer installation & dismantling
  • Lower load weight
  • Reduces the labour intensity required for rigging
  • Allows more personnel to work in a given area
  • Does not interfere with the ventilation or visibility inside Confined Spaces
  • Allows for quick and easy relocation to other compartments within confined spaces or under-deck
  • Minimizes the risk of sensitive equipment damage below the work site during the erection of Scaffold
  • Reduces the need to de-commission /unpack lay down areas to create deck space for scaffold erection

NDT (Non-Destructive Testing)

Not only do we offer structural survey and conditions reports, but we also offer non-destructive testing services. This service is specific to those components with a metallurgical composition and integrity that is essential to the stability of the structure. This service is carried out without causing damage to the structure itself, or preventing the future use of the object being tested.

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