Silo Maintenance

In order to expand the life of any silo, regular maintenance and cleaning of these structures is required. SARA Rope Access Global has experience in maintaining a variety of silos, including concrete, steel and stainless steel. We have also mastered the skill of effectively cleaning and repairing these costly assets for large, South African blue chip companies.


SARA Rope Access Global has the necessary technical skills and expertise to implement practical solutions to just about any rigging problem. Our track record with both light and heavy rigging has placed us in the unique position of being able to assist with even the most complex rigging needs.

Structural Repairs

Most steel structures require major maintenance at some point in time. Our highly skilled technicians are geared and qualified to assist with any repairs required, from bolting to coatings.


SARA Rope Access Global undertook a job on behalf of SPX/DB Thermal to change out bolts for the Kusile Power Station Project. Over the course of this project, SARA Rope Access Global managed to remove, replace and torque in excess of 42,000 M30 bolts.

Welding at Height

SARA Rope Access Global recently added yet another skill to our ever-expanding portfolio – welding. Our welding team consists of double coded welders, trained in rope access. This skill gives us the ability to reach welding work fronts that would otherwise be very difficult, or altogether impossible, to reach, or would require excessive scaffolding to be erected.

Core Drilling

SARA Rope Access Global assists a variety of engineering firms with the drilling of core samples for carbonation and compression strength testing. Our ability to access these structures ensures this task is completed quickly and efficiently.

Reports and Condition Surveys

With speciality skills, such as re-bar detection, core drilling, coverage testing, spalling and crack surveys, SARA Rope Access Global has both the equipment and the technical know-how to provide our clients with a one-stop access and survey solution.

Non-Destructive Testing

Not only do we offer structural survey and conditions reports, but we also offer non-destructive testing services. This service is specific to those components with a metallurgical composition and integrity that is essential to the stability of the structure. This service is carried out without causing damage to the structure itself, or preventing the future use of the object being tested.

Industrial Coatings

Structural longevity is of paramount importance to any business and this is something that SARA Rope Access Global not only understands, but promotes. SARA Rope Access Global aids in the preservation of structural integrity using a variety of industrial coatings. These measures, along with our expertise, allow SARA Rope Access Global to assess, access and preserve these structures in a cost effective and timeous manner.

Specialist Netting Platforms

SARA Rope Access Global has the ability to create a temporary work platform by developing a specialized netting platform that negates the need for scaffolding. This allows third party workers to access work fronts faster, while allowing workers below to proceed, unhindered, with their daily tasks.

These specialized netting systems have assisted in:

  • Creating a safe platform for people working at great heights.
  • Functioning as a catchment net for falling objects, protecting people below.
  • Acting as a solid platform for artisans conducting activities at great heights, without the need for scaffolding.



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