Façade and Window Cleaning

Buildings accumulate dirt in the form of dust, car fumes and a range of other elements. In almost every instance, these elements detract from the shine and lustre of even new buildings. Windows are the most vulnerable to this exposure by virtue of their transparency. Rope access allows us access to even the most hard-to-reach areas of a building, paving the way for traditional window cleaning and pressure cleaning, which breathes life back into the walls of a building.


Billboards are a common site within the modern world, and larger, higher billboards tend to be more visible. Rope work tends to be the most effective option used to install these signboards, especially considering that the locations of these boards restrict the use of scaffolding or ladders. SARA Rope Access Global has mastered the art of signage by combining it with our rigging and anchoring specialties.


The process of finalizing any outstanding work and minor defects  which often ties up large amounts of money. Rope Access specializes in finalising such work in all the hard to reach places using innovative access methods and superb workmanship.

Painting and Coating

As approved applicators of a number of highly recognizable products on the market, we pride ourselves on our ability to compete with the best. The wealth of support and experience garnered from our suppliers only adds to our abilities to provide the best possible painting and coating services on the market. Our access methods allows us to guarantee minimized setup time, as well as offer a much quieter service with minimal inconvenience to our clients.

Structural Repairs – Concrete or Steel

In conjunction with our conditions reports, we also offer follow-up remedial work on identified structural faults, such as spalling concrete and oxidized steelwork. These faults pose a risk to human life and we regard it as such when conducting repairs. Falling fragments of spalling concrete not only pose a danger to pedestrians, but weakened steel compromises the stability of a structure. When conducting repairs, we use only the best products on the market to ensure that every job is completed to the best of our abilities.

Construction and Renovation

Buildings require construction and renovation work for many reasons, including exposure to the elements, age and even substandard construction work. SARA Rope Access Global provides solutions to a wide range of construction and renovation challenges, including the revamping of the structure to the patchwork on delaminating plaster. Our experience on construction work ranges from micro projects to major renovations, not only at height but also on ground level.

Structural Reports and Conditions Survey

Clients are not always aware of the critical need to renovate, repair or upgrade their buildings and this is mainly due to their inability to access certain areas and assess these sections for degradation. Our extensive knowledge of concrete and steel structures, combined with our ability to reach even the most hard-to-reach areas, ensures that we are qualified to give detailed and visually informative reports, as well as recommend corrective measures.

Joint Sealing or Expansion Joints

Joint sealants are designed to prevent air, water and an array of additional environmental elements from entering or exiting a structure, and joint sealing detail on building facades greatly enhances the overall look of a building. The popularity of these components has necessitated the need for their installation and maintenance and this is one of the tasks for which SARA Rope Access Global is well known. We use tried and tested sealants from renowned manufacturers and suppliers, including SIKA. We also remove and replace old sealants that have become dilapidated due to exposure to the elements.


There are certain instances where areas become inaccessible even by means of rope access, and these include roof overhanging details, among other things. In instances where a window needs to be cleaned, access is impossible without anchor bolts on the same surface level as the windows, and this is where SARA Rope Access Global comes in. We provide a solution by facilitating the use of ropes as an access method and we do this by installing anchor points and rigging positions where there previously were none.



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