About Us

SARA Rope Access Global was established in Gauteng to meet the growing need for high-rise building maintenance utilizing sophisticated rope access techniques.

The founders and partners have collectively accumulated an impressive 70 years’ experience in the industry, nationwide. Rope access is a cost-effective way of positioning personnel, tools and materials at elevated locations, the exterior of high-rise buildings for example, that are normally difficult to reach.

Benefits of rope access include speed and less interference with day to day client operations. Ropes can be installed quickly and workers can rapidly gain access to and from their work areas, causing relatively limited interference to workers inside the building or any other external operators.

Rope Access Benefits Include:

  • Quicker set up time.
  • Less interference with day-to-day operations.
  • Allowing workers to quickly install the ropes to permit them access to their work areas rapidly, with minimal fuss.

Is It Safe?

Safety is our main priority, which is why we focus on training, quality control, site management, testing and inspection of all our gear. All of these facets ensure the risks associated with rope access, including having personnel working at high levels above ground, are dramatically reduced.

What is Rope Access?

Rope access is a system of interrelated components that combine to allow access to otherwise hard-to-reach areas for industrial, commercial and offshore purposes. The system we have put in place has allowed us to boast an unparalleled safety record, combined with maximum productivity.


This system includes:


  • Competent manpower with trained and certified rope access technicians.
  • Equipment that has been approved and certified by the appropriate standards institutions, including SANS standards, ISO 9001 and ISO 18001 in South Africa.
  • Strict managerial procedures, which are put in place for all phases of each operation.
Rope Access as an industry is regulated by the Institute for Working at Heights(IWH) in South Africa and by respective international associations, standards and legislation.

Rope access offers:

  • Greater flexibility than is possible with moving platforms or traditional access methods.
  • Access to otherwise impossible-to-reach areas.
  • Less congestion at the foot of buildings, parking areas and access points.
  • Optimized security due to the fact that no fixed access structures are left on site.
  • Reduced set-up time, thus minimizing man hours and costs and reducing downtime in adverse weather.
  • A quieter service with minimal interference.

At SARA Rope Access Global, we abide by this system for the benefit of our valued clients and our employees. Rope Access is regulated by the Institute for Working at Heights (IWH) in South Africa, as well as by the respective national associations in other countries, which set the relevant standards and legislation within their own jurisdictions.

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